ESP8285 COM to WIFI ESP-01M module


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ESP-01M foot is designed with DIP-18, and the smallest size of 18*18mm is easy to be embedded in various intelligent devices with high volume requirements.
Built-in 1MByte Flash is the best choice for products with simple control class and little volume requirement.

ESP-01M core chip uses ESP8285, and its predecessor product ESP8266 has matured for large-scale commercial use.
ESP8285 has been upgraded and innovated by the previous generation ESP8266. It is mature and stable in hardware and software.
Its feature is built-in 1MByte Flash, which not only has higher integration, but also saves high-cost external Flash, which makes the whole scheme cost-effective.
The software part is fully compatible with ESP8266.
With experience in developing ESP8266, the software part can be seamlessly transplanted to ESP8285, which saves the cost of repeated development and accelerates the product landing.
ESP-01M based on ESP 8285 has the ability to be your next WiFi module for manufacturers who are still using ESP 8266 and are in urgent need of finding small, low-cost, customized WiFi modules.

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